transform culture

New Hope Academy is dedicated to a unique educational experience, equipping children from all backgrounds to become a generation of leaders who will reflect our Creator and transform our culture. This vision is cultivated through the convergence of three commitments: the promise of excellent, classical education; the mission to the underprivileged; and the belief in connected, purposeful community.

The promise of an excellent, classical education
New Hope Academy is committed to exceptional educational programs that establish for the students a solid biblical worldview and cultivate wisdom by nourishing the soul with beauty, goodness, and truth. These educational programs allow every student to reach his/her full potential. The methodology of our classical approach allows our teachers to serve as disciplers, mentoring the students, investing love and acceptance into their lives, and providing a level of security and stability. These relationships are foundational to students’ growth academically, emotionally and spiritually.

The mission to the underprivileged
New Hope Academy is committed to the disadvantaged and underserved in our community. Providing this educational experience to low-income families is foundational to the school’s mission. It is, therefore, intentional in the fact that nearly half the students it serves come from low-income families.

The belief in connected, purposeful community
New Hope Academy provides the opportunity for students to form meaningful relationships across economic, racial and cultural lines. Groomed in this loving, equity-promoting environment, each student discovers his/her unique gifts.